Become MOHSIN-E-PAKISTAN (محسن پاکستان)

We will give;

  1. MOHSIN-E-PAKISTAN Certificate
  2. MOHSIN-E-PAKISTAN Certificate (Silver Member)
  3. MOHSIN-E-PAKISTAN Certificate (Gold Member)
  4. MOHSIN-E-PAKISTAN Certificate (Platinum Member)

(Details will be provided in your joining letter with us.)

Where you referred by an organization or colleague/friend?
Please write in detail: For Example: I can help to spread the message. Or I can be a trainer and can give 4 hours a week, in the fields of IT, Web designing, General Computer courses, Graphic Designing, Art and Craft, Content Writing, English Language course. Or I am a doctor, I can give 4 hours a week, every Friday 9:00am till 1:00pm, where I can see the patents for free and/or I volunteer to give my services, if Government of Pakistan needs me anywhere, in time of Emergency, and/or I give my Services to BE 92 for a 5 days every year to establish a Medical Camp, anywhere in Pakistan. Or I am a Lawyer and give 5 hours a week to give verbal assistance over the phone to anyone need a legal advise, from 9:00am till 1:00pm every Tuesday. Or I can organise a get-together once a month or a quarter or a year in my city, to run a awareness programme for the projects of BE 92. Or anything that you can volunteer for.