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About Us


Be 92 is a non political organisation. We believe that Pakistanis around the globe need a platform to get united and do something within Pakistan or living abroad for our beloved country as a nation.
We need a platform to build our nation and to be strong together. Raise our issues and resolve within our own capacities and/or involve right government organisations to help.
Our major aim is to bring investments in Pakiatan to get economic releaf to Government and create new jobs for our fellow countryman.

Our Projects



We at BE 92, attracting Foreign investors to bring their investments to Pakistan. Our beloved country has started CPEC (China-Pakistan Economic Corridor) project with China, thats the major part of China’s One Belt One Road project. This has opened a great opportunity for investors across the globe to come be part of growing opportunities in Pakistan.

Our initial plans are to promote:

1. Real Estate projects (including new cities to develop across Pakistan)

2. Small industries

3. Solar Energy Projects

4. Water Energy Projects

We are open to discuss any proposal that can bring any kind of industry in Pakistan.

Rasing issue in Pakistan

“We are Pakistani, we are one nation”. A nation cannot survive if they are not united and they do not help each other. We need to raise all social, economic, corruption or any kind of issues here. If you have a concern, or you have proof of corruption or anything that you have witnessed yourself or you are directly involved in it, or facing something as society. Raise your concern. We have members from all kind of backgrounds, we will try to find a solution to the issue, we will try to raise the issue at right level with helping each other or by giving support to people living close to us. Main aim is to become a nation beyond our political, religious or ethnic backgrounds.

For this purpose we have platforms as:

1. Facebook

2. Twitter

3. YouTube (where and if needed)

Our Aims


Attracting Foreign Investment


Bringing Energy Projects.

Work on water Crises.

Our Latest News


Dr. Tanveer H. Gill

"I have a vision to see my nation as the strongest among the globe, with peace, honour and harmony. We need to be together to achieve the goal"

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    BE 92 : Registered in England and Wales, Company Number 12159638

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